How it Works

iWitness should be used as one part of an overall plan to keep safe, and is not a substitute for common sense.
Always optimize your phone in the following four ways – turn your ringer volume to its maximum level: make sure your battery is fully charged, make sure your connectivity signal is at full strength, and enable your GPS functionality. For your own protection, the audio and video being broadcast to a secure server will include a personal copy accessible to you as well as an un-retrievable copy available only to law enforcement.

Step 1: Open Application

Open iWitness by tapping the application button icon on your phone. Carry your phone in your hand so it’s at the ready any time trouble arises.

Tip: To make sure that iWitness is quickly and easily accessible when you need it, we strongly suggest including the app among your favorites.

Step 2: Arm

Whenever you’re alone – whether out walking, at home, or in your car – arm iWitness by pressing the arm-button button.

Tip: Remember, you can call 911 at any time by hitting the 911-button button.

Step 3: Record

Any time you encounter a person or situation that makes you the least bit uncomfortable, tap the rec-button button to activate the record mode. Be sure to point the phone’s camera in that direction. Now iWitness will attempt to record video and audio as you walk along, and broadcast that data to a secure server.

Tip: Remember, the earlier you begin recording, the greater the chance you have of capturing an incident.

Step 4: Emergency Mode

If the situation escalates and you feel in danger, tap your screen again to put iWitness into Emergency Mode. Now, after a five second delay, 911 will be called. The delay allows you the option of canceling a call you might not have intended to make by hitting cancel-button .Importantly, your pre-selected iWitness contacts will now be sent a text/email informing them that you feel threatened, along with a map of your location. If your phone is knocked/grabbed from your hand or itexperiences sudden movement before you have a chance to activate the Emergency Mode, iWitness is designed to trigger an automatic call to 911. (For Android users, 911 will appear on your dial-pad.)

Step 5: Manage Recordings

You can always review and manage your recorded events by logging into your account at Along with the video and audio which you recorded, you will see a map showing your location when the event occurred.

Tip: Recorded events are best viewed from your desk or lap-top computer.

Requirements: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S running iOS 4.0 or higher. Devices running Android OS 4.0 and higher.

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